Deborah / Darren Bullock

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Darren / Deborah Bullock, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of arson at Mold Crown Court in 2002. Bullock was jailed for more than four and half years.

Bullock caused £36,000 worth of damage after the arson attack on a North Wales day centre. It was Bullock’s third conviction for arson.

The court was told Bullock had “endured a troubled life” and “was convinced he could find happiness as a woman”. The defendant requested the court deal with the case as a woman named Deborah Bullock after taking hormone treatments for a number of months while waiting for a gender reassignment operation.

Media reports

Daily Post Liverpool (archived) ‘Sex-Change Arsonist Sent to Male Jail despite Saying He’s a Woman’ May 31, 2002: