Andrew Macrae

Andrew Macrae, a male transvestite, was convicted in October 2017 of seven counts of voyeurism for the purposes of sexual gratification and one count of outraging public decency. 

Despite being in possession of over 50,000 images of female strangers and his wife’s friends for his sexual gratification Macrae, 43, was given a 20 month suspended sentence at Inner London Crown Court in January 2018.

The BBC reported that the images – some dating back to 2013 – were taken on public transport, his home and at a neighbour’s address, and also featured Macrae wearing some victims’ underwear. He had filmed through his neighbour’s window while she was undergoing a beauty treatment, and photographed himself in her underwear and also stolen and photographed a female colleague’s underwear. He was caught when an off-duty police officer observed him positioning a bag holding a camera disguised as a pen to take photographs up a passenger’s skirt.

Macrae blamed “financial pressure” in court and a psychiatrist diagnosed him with traits of Asperger’s syndrome, an acute reaction to stress, and features of sex addiction.

Det Insp Driss Hayoukane, the officer who spotted Macrae’s actions on the train, said: “Macrae’s despicable actions constituted a gross breach of trust against his victims.

Macrae was dismissed from his senior position at the entertainment company Live Nation when he was arrested.

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Photo via Met Police

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