2018 Convictions

Convictions of males (ie individuals who identify as transgender women or who cross-dress)

Murder/Attempted murder:  1 charged

Charged: Liam Suleman charged with attempted murder of member of staff at a secure psychiatric hospital 

Sexual offences: 17 + 1 charged (13 with child victims, 4 with adult victims)

(Note that if 1% of the population is transgender, for trans-identified males to have similar sexual offending rates as women, at least 1,700 women would have to have been convicted of a sexual offence in 2018. MoJ figures for England & Wales for the past decade consistently show approx. 100 women are convicted of a sexual offence annually – i.e. the convictions listed below indicate male pattern sexual offending, not female)

Sexual offences with child victims:

Joshua/Leah Harvey – Five counts of attempting to incite a girl to engage in sexual activity

Kathleen Carpenter/Keith Thompson – Indecent assault of a child

Lana/Ben Laws – Sex offender convicted of breaching Sexual Offences Prevention Order

Neil Davies – Child sexual abuse including paying for the sexual services of a child under 18

Gary Marie / Marie Dean* – Serial sex offender who victimised both women & girls returned to prison after breaching licence conditions

David Challenor – Multiple violent & sexual offences against a 10 year old girl including rape, possession of indecent images of children

Carys Cooper – Multiple sexual offences against a young child

Jacinta Brooks/Duncan Smart – Child sexual abuse

Brian Wooster – Child sexual abuse

Katie Dolatowski – Sexual assault/voyeurism against two young girls in public toilets

Chloe/Brandon Walker – Child sex offender breached terms of Sexual Harm Prevention Order (1st breach)

Rachel Smith: Child sex offender convicted of making indecent images of children

Peter Jasmine Challands: Child sex offender convicted of making and possessing 10,000+ indecent images of children. 

Sexual offences with adult victims:

Karen White – Multiple rapes and sexual assault of multiple women, two of whom were in the prison where White was remanded. Two additional charges of sexual assault against two more female prisoners ordered to remain on file 

Barry Mason – Public decency offences (related to performing sex acts while on the roof of his house)

Paul Reed – Common assault with intent to commit a sexual assault. Reed is a repeat offender with numerous assault convictions against women & girls

Aaron Herschell: Sex offender convicted for breaching Risk of Sexual Harm Order 


Richard Grattage/Vicky Green – Child sex offences 

Not charged:

Jamie/Abigail Waller: Prolific sex offender arrested for possession of images depicting child sexual abuse. No action was taken

Prison transfers between male and female prisons:

Shaun Pudwell/Michelle Lewin* (child sex offender) transferred from male to female prison to await surgery

Karen White (rapist and child sex offender) transferred from female prison to male prison after sexually assaulting female prisoners

Richard Grattage/Vicky Green (child sex offender) transferred from female prison to male prison within days of being remanded

Andrew/Jacqui McWilliam* (rapist) refused permission to transfer from male to female prison

Other violent offences: 16 +1 mentally unfit to plead

Paris Bregazzi – Assault (of a police officer) and criminal damage

Chantelle Simmons – Multiple thefts & burglaries and threatened to make a false rape allegation against a victim

Tanis Wolf/Tara Wood – Assault by beating of a 60 year old woman

Callum Hughes – Multiple violent assaults against mother, father and a police officer

Rachael Bailey – Assault of police officers

Stephen/Stephanie Mottershead* – Unlawful wounding

Karen White – Stabbed a neighbour (plus rapes/sexual assaults listed above)

Norman McKeown – Assault of a healthcare professional

Graham Perryman – Robbery and possession of an imitation firearm, production of cannabis and abstracting electricity

Tylah-Jo Bryan – Violent disorder at Leicester Sq tube station

Amarnih Lewis-Daniel – Violent disorder at Leicester Sq tube station

Michael O’Docherty/Tamzin Lush – Violent disorder at Leicester Sq tube station

Lee Baker/Tiffany Aching – Stalking and breaching a restraining order

Amber Candy Flowers/Timothy Ormandy – Harassment of female neighbour

Tyrone/Trinity Sanders: Racially aggravated threats against a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) assault by beating of a man, assault by beating of a female police officer, assault by beating of two male police officers, criminal damage to a shop and multiple thefts.


Frank/Jane Hills – Possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence

Acquitted after deemed mentally unfit to plead: 

Sarah Preece – Malicious communications (threatening messages sent to court, CPS and local newspaper)

Other miscellaneous offences: 3

Jasmine Hill – Perverting the course of justice (convicted paedophile who made 2 false rape allegations, one while in prison)

David / Skye Woolridge – Drugs offences

Paris Bregazzi – Theft of a Jimmy Choo handbag

Sought by the police: 

Andre Kirlew/ Allahra Aziz who absconded from Ealing Hospital possibly while still serving a sentence for burglary & theft imposed at the end of 2017

*indicates individual transitioned in prison

All individuals convicted of offences listed above are males who identify as trans women, apart from the individuals listed below who are males who cross-dress part time. Individuals who cross-dress are included under the UK government’s and LGBT organisations’ definition of the ‘trans umbrella‘ or people who are “gender incongruent to some degree”.

Convictions of females (ie individuals who identify as transgender men)

Lottie / Lucien Harris – Perverting the course of justice (23 false allegations against a gay male colleague)

Shayne Robson – Blackmail of a gay man

Jesse Hawthorne – Wounding with intent