2024 Convictions

Convictions of males (ie individuals who identify as transgender women or who cross-dress)

Murder/Attempted murder:  1 (+ 2 charged)

Fangze Wang/Scarlet Blake: Murder of a 30 year old Spanish man, Jorge Martin Carreno, in July 2021


Joanna Rowland-Stuart: Charged with the murder of Andrew Rowland-Stuart (partner of accused)

Steve Wright: Charged with the murder and kidnap of 17-year-old Victoria Hall in September 1999 and the attempted kidnap of a 22-year-old woman the previous night

Sexual offences: 6 + 2 charged (4 with child victims, 2 with adult victims)
Sexual offences with child victims: 

Joanna Evans: Multiple sexual assault offences against three young boys 

Samantha Norris: Three counts of making indecent photographs of a child, possession of a prohibited image of a child, and possession of extreme pornographic images depicting sexual assault of an animal

Janiel Verainer/Jorven Seren: Repeat child sex offender convicted of multiple SHPO breaches

Nigel/Emma Davies: Making indecent images of children and failing to surrender to court

Sexual offences with adult victims: 

Kurtis Mawson: Sexual assault on a female, voyeurism, three counts of making indecent photographs of a child and possessing an extreme pornographic image, SHPO breaches

Freddie/Xenia Jade Millar: Rapist convicted of breaching a SHPO and breaching sex offender notification requirements

Charged for suspected sex offences:

Osareen Omoruyi: Charged with two counts each of sexual assault by penetration and causing/inciting a child to engage in sexual activity

David/Denise Flynn: Charged with multiple indecent exposure offences

Arrested in connection with suspected sex offences:

David Griffiths/Penny Price: Convicted sex offender arrested in January 2024 after allegedly being caught in a sting operation by a paedophile hunter group 

Sought by the police for suspected sex offences:

Wilby Transvestite Sex Offender: Male transvestite sought in connection with alleged indecent exposure/public masturbation offence(s) on 1 January 2024

Other violent offences: 5

Scarlet Blake: Murderer (see above) who also tortured and killed a cat before putting it in a blender)

Louise Thomas (believed to be new identity of violent trans sex offender Lewis Foord): Assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH) of a young woman

Marcus Smith/Adam Hodgson/Layla Le Fey: Four counts of sending an offensive/obscene/menacing message via public communication network (threats posted on Twitter/X to women’s rights campaigners)

Andrew Fleming/Susan Hope: Violently threatening and harassing a female neighbour and her husband, assault of a police officer

Rebecca Lowe: Possession of an offensive weapon (after violent altercation with a neighbour)

Other miscellaneous offences: 


Convictions of females (ie individuals who identify as transgender men or who cross-dress)

Coral Ryan Scott: Engaging in sexual activity with or towards a child