2015 Convictions

Convictions of males (ie individuals who identify as transgender women or who cross-dress)

Note that many local news sites delete their archive after approx. 1-2 years meaning that reporting of many convictions will be unavailable online and difficult to locate retrospectively. Compared to convictions archived by this site in real time from 2016 onwards, these convictions are therefore likely to be a fraction of those that occurred.

Murder/Attempted murder: 1 (+1 acquitted)

Graham Cleary-Senior: Murder of Frances Cleary-Senior (wife)

Helen Doe: acquitted of attempted murder of Kenneth Doe (brother) after defence of non-insane automatism accepted by jury

Outside UK

Four males who identify as trans women arrested in Thailand after a British man fell to his death from a hotel balcony

Sexual offences: 13 (9 with child victims, 4 with adult victims)

(Note that if 1% of the population is transgender, for trans-identified males to have similar sexual offending rates as women, at least 1,300 women would have to have been convicted of a sexual offence in 2015. MoJ figures for England & Wales for the past decade consistently show approx. 100 women are convicted of a sexual offence annually – i.e. the convictions listed below indicate male pattern sexual offending, not female)

Sexual offences with child victims

Nicola Cope: Rape and sexual abuse of two young girls 

Derrick Hooley: Multiple sexual offences against a female and male child 

Paul Banfield: Sexual assault of a teenage girl

Ann Edmead: Child sexual abuse 

Dominic Purvis: Child sexual abuse and possession of CSA images

Jasmine Hill: Child sexual abuse and possession of CSA images

Keith Foster: Breach of Sexual Offences Prevention Order

Matthew Burren/Alex Smith: Child rapist convicted of possessing prohibited images of children and twice breaching a Sexual Offence Prevention Order after having contacted children online.

Paul/Melissa Wilson: Breach of notification requirements related to possession indecent images of children

Not charged

Neil Giffin was banned for life from teaching after being found guilty at a tribunal of 15 allegations of exploitative sexually motivated  relationships with female pupils

Sexual offences with adult victims

Joshua/Lily Bate: Rape of a woman in her home

Jason Croker/Jayde Palmer: Attempted rape of a woman

Dawn Love: Possession of extreme pornography involving animals

Marcus Hance: Sex offender detained following breach of Sexual Offences Prevention Order

Sought by the police:

Leicester Transvestite Sex Offender: Exposed himself to several women while wearing women’s clothing 

Other violent offences: 12

Natalie Kearney: Domestic violence

Tara Hudson: Serial offender convicted of assault

Laura Hudson: Attempted robbery of a woman and her young daughter 

Vicky Thompson: Assault and robbery of a teenage girl and her mother 

Susan Bond: Possession of a firearm and criminal damage

Marcia/Mark Walker: Child rapist making repeated bomb threats from prison

Michaela James/ Michael Earnshaw: Harassment of ex-wife 

Justin/Charlotte Blundell: Robbery

Paul/Melissa Wilson: Threats to kill

Trisha Clifton: Contempt of court after repeatedly threatening and abusing residents of premises Clifton had been evicted from and breaching a court order

Colin Orr / Katniss Everdeen: Acting in a threatening and abusive manner

Trevor Parnham/Chloe Dove: Burglary and smearing a hospital with faeces

Acquitted/not charged

Alex Mackay: acquitted of domestic violence for the fourth time

Tilly Simmonds: alleged to have punched a campsite owner on being asked not to use the female toilets

Ms C: suspected of causing criminal damage and arrested, charge/conviction status unknown

Two males who identify as trans women: sought by the police in Thailand following an attack on an elderly British man

All individuals convicted of offences listed above are males who identify as transgender apart from the individuals listed below, who are males who cross-dress part time. Individuals who cross-dress are included under the UK government’s and LGBT organisations’ definition of the ‘trans umbrella‘ or people who are gender incongruent to some degree“.

  • Derek Hooley
  • Neil Giffin
  • Marcus Hance
  • Alex Mackay

Convictions of females (ie individuals who identify as transgender men or who cross-dress)

Jay Ferguson: Assault and possession of a knife in public

Jesse Hawthorne: Image-based sexual abuse