2020 Convictions

Convictions of males (ie individuals who identify as transgender women or who cross-dress)

Murder/Attempted murder:  3

Philip Tarver: Murder of Angela Tarver, his mother

Paul/Keira Fitzgerald: Murder of convicted paedophile, Richard Huckle, in prison

Rowan Thompson: Unlawful killing of Joanna Thompson, his mother

Sexual offences: 19 + 2 charged (13 with child victims, 6 with adult victims)
Sexual offences with child victims: 

Joshua/Lily Bate: Rapist convicted of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl 

Gemma Hicks: Attempting to engage in sexual communications with a child

Jamie/Abigail Waller: Multiple serious sexual offences against a child including blackmailing a 13 year old girl into sending nude images of herself and possession of images depicting the rape of children

Roger Spackman: Possession of 300,000 indecent/prohibited images of children, and extreme pornography portraying sexual acts with animals

John/Julie Marshall: Possession of more than 80,000 indecent images of children

Anthony Scales: Possession of more than 1,500 indecent images of children

Joshua/Leah Harvey: Child sex offender convicted of 2 breaches of a sexual harm prevention order

Brandon/Chloe Walker: Child sex offender convicted of 2 breaches of a sexual harm prevention order, 2 of failing to comply with the requirements of the sex offenders’ register and failing to tell police of a new phone number

Rachel Smith: Child sex offender convicted of breaching sexual harm prevention order

Andrew Ward/Beth Hannay: Possession of indecent images of children, breach of SHPO

Peter/Jasmine Challands:  Possession of prohibited images of children and SHPO breaches

Jonathan Meadows: Three counts of making indecent images of children, three counts of distributing indecent images, and possession of extreme pornography

Also: Paul Neary, a child sex offender, had his SHPO amended to prevent him working as an ice cream vendor, undertaking any activity or employment with girls under 16 and having any unsupervised contact with them

Sexual offences with adult victims: 

Mark Brown: Assault by penetration

Mark Conway: Rape, assault by penetration and false imprisonment

Christopher Hawkins: Indecent exposure

Aaron Herschell: Sex offender convicted for breaching Risk of Sexual Harm Order for the second time

Colin Norfolk: Repeat sex offender again breaching SHPO

Tyrone/Trinity Sanders: Outraging public decency by urinating and defecating in a police vehicle and indecent behaviour within a police cell


Wayne Rogers: charged with assault by penetration, sexual assault

Geoffrey Rainey Kelly: 2nd SOPO breach (convicted sex offender entered a care home for elderly, shortly after being released from jail term for entering a school)

Other violent offences: 14

Tamara Williams: Multiple burglaries, theft and receiving stolen goods

Lucy Goode: Assault of female neighbour, a grandmother 

Paris Bregazzi: (February) Two counts of criminal damage, two of common assault against two women and one of assaulting (yet another) police officer.

Paris Bregazzi: (December) – Two counts of assault by beating and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm against three women

Christopher Hawkins: Assault 

Leila Le Fey/Marcus Smith/Adam Hodgson: Assault and possession of an offensive weapon

Josh/Samantha Howard: Four assaults on emergency workers, possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage

Katana Paris: Assault of a police officer and breach of a restraining order

Philip Tarver: Threatening to kill Colin Tarver, his father

Rachelle Mikhnevich: Assault and racially aggravated public disorder

Debra Christopher Wright: Multiple racially aggravated offences including at least three separate assaults and threatening behaviour

Tyrone/Trinity Sanders: (August 2020) Burglary with intent to steal and criminal damage, common assault, assaulting an emergency worker by spitting at a police officer, criminal damage of a police vehicle  

Tyrone/Trinity Sanders: (November 2020) Racially aggravated threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour 

Rebecca Lowe: Threatening behaviour towards a child and possession of a blade in a public place 


Kyle/Zoe Watts: charged with importing prohibited weapons with intent to evade a prohibition or restriction and making an explosive substance for an unlawful purpose.

Other miscellaneous offences: 3 (+2 charged)

Tristyn Bell-Willows: Blackmail (used threat of false rape allegation to extort money)

Victoria Midrange: Burglary

Zachary Huckstep: Child sex offender convicted of a driving offence


Wayne Rogers: Charged with possession of a class A drug

Ize Noyau: Theft

Convictions of females (ie individuals who identify as transgender men or who cross-dress)

Jay Ferguson: Possession of an indecent image of a child, possession of a bladed article and malicious communications (sending a letter conveying a threatening message to an officer in the sex offender unit)

Simran Khan: Arson reckless as to whether life was endangered