2019 Convictions

Convictions of males (ie individuals who identify as transgender women or who cross-dress)

Murder:  2

Gerald Matovu: Murder of Eric Michels, a 54yr old gay man

Roderick Deakin-White: Murder of Amy Parsons, a 35yr old Australian woman

Sexual offences: 22+2 charged (13 with child victims, 9 with adult victims)
Sexual offences with child victims:

Michael Farrow/Louise Ritson: Rape of a child under 13

Paul Reed: Sexual assault of a 15 year old girl

Christopher Worton/Zoe Lynes: Child rapist convicted of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order

Jamie/Abigail Waller: Attempting to engage in sexual communications with a child

Richard Grattige: Child sexual abuse

Alistair Chapman: Child sexual abuse

David Edwards: Child sexual abuse

Chloe/Brandon Walker: Child sex offender breached terms of Sexual Harm Prevention Order (2nd breach)

Geoffrey Rainey Kelly: Child sex offender convicted of breaching terms of SOPO. Subsequently charged with second breach shortly after release

Daniel Reed/Ella Davies: Possession of over 1000 images of child sexual abuse

Anthony/Toni Prince: Possession of over 1000 images of child sexual abuse and extreme pornography

Stuart Bulling: Two counts of voyeurism and three counts of making indecent images of children

Matthew Burren/Alex Smith: Child rapist convicted of (again) breaching Sexual Harm Prevention Order 

[See 2018 Convictions for Katie Dolatowski sentenced in January 2019 following convictions in 2018 for sexual assault and voyeurism offences against two young girls in female public toilets]

Sexual offences with adult victims:

Albert/Claire Caballero: Rape, kidnap and assault of a female care worker

Dennis Reed: Attempted rape, sexual assault and assault of elderly woman

Paul Reed: Two sexual assaults and eight breaches of an order banning him from covering his face or approaching, touching or communicating with women

Gerald Matovu: Assault by penetration 

Lewis/Louise Foord: Sexual assault and false imprisonment

Oliver Bond/Lucas Cole: Sexual assault

Nicola Watson: Trespassing on premises with intent to carry out a sexual offence (voyeurism/public masturbation)

John Leathwaite: Outraging public decency (public masturbation)

Luke Proctor: Three counts of outraging public decency


Poole Transvestite Sex Offender (Christopher Hawkins) – charged with indecent exposure 

Penge Transvestite Sex Offender (Barry Southgate) – charged with indecent exposure

Sought by the police:

Sheffield Transvestite Sex Offender : sought for indecent exposure

Cleethorpes Transvestite Sex Offender: sought for masturbating at a young girl

Other violent offences: 12 (+ 1 charged)

Princess Purple Watkins: Harassment of estranged wife

Carol Lea: Possession an offensive weapon in a public place and threatening behaviour

Justin/Charlotte Blundell: Harassment, attempted criminal damage of a police vehicle, failing to surrender

Gerald Matovu: Multiple violent offences against 12 gay men, including six counts of administering a noxious substance, seven thefts, six counts of having articles for fraud, assault occasioning bodily harm and drug possession

John/Jayde Clowting: Assault of a gay man in a bar in Bristol

Lana Stancer: Assault of a second gay man in a bar in Bristol

Colin Coats: Murderer convicted of weapon possession in prison

Paris Bregazzi: Assault/criminal damage

Pablo/Diana Tarazaga-Orero: Stalking

Joe Brennan: Threatening and abusive behaviour against lesbian feminist Julie Bindel

Colin Orr / Katniss Everdeen: Assault, acting in a threatening and abusive manner including racist abuse

Tyrone/Trinity Sanders: Assault


Peyton Rose Monteux: Charged under the Communications Act after allegedly issuing a violent threat on Twitter against women

Other miscellaneous offences: 1

15 yr-old transvestite burglar: Burglary (stole woman’s underwear from her home)

All individuals convicted of offences listed above are males who identify as trans women, apart from the individuals listed below who are males who cross-dress part time. Individuals who cross-dress are included under the UK government’s and LGBT organisations’ definition of the ‘trans umbrella‘ or people who are “gender incongruent to some degree”.