Hannah Walters/Tarjit Singh

Zaid Ahmed

Trisha Clifton

Kyle /Zoe Watts

Susan Cuthbert

Rachelle Mikhnevich

Josh/Samantha Howard

Tristyn Bell-Willows

Marcus Smith/Adam Hodgson/Leila Le Fey

Justin/Charlotte Blundell

Carol Lea

Frank/Jane Hills

Peter Syme/Andrew McWilliam

Stephen / Stephanie Mottershead

Stephen Wood / Karen White

William Jaggs

Daniel/Sophie Eastwood

Alan McKenzie

Transgender individuals who have killed/attempted to kill others in the UK

Jodie/Jay Ferguson

Aiden Riley

Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

Lewes Transvestite Sex Offender

Martin Ponting/ Jessica Winfield

Martyn / Jade Eatough

Donna Bowdler

Graham Perryman

Dawn Love

Michael Jameson / Lauren Jeska

Katrina Harte

Musa Deria

Susan Bond

Prisoner XT

Peter Rogers / Debbie Vincent

Richard McCabe / Melissa Young

Paul / Joanne Morris

Thomas Feeney

Melissa Cae

Mark Cox

Colin Coats