Abuse by trans-identified males of fellow prisoners, prison staff and other law enforcement officers

Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

List of male trans individuals convicted of violence against women & children

Scarlet Blake

Osareen Omoruyi

Freddie/Xenia Jade Millar

Jamie/Abigail Waller

David/Denise Flynn

David Griffiths/Penny Price

Wilby Transvestite Sex Offender

Martin Tarling/Abbi Taylor

Bronwyn/Anarlin Jones

Nathan/Naomi O’Brien

Erin Dawson

Laura Davis

Alex Horwood/Lynsay Watson

Andrew Phillips

April Welsh

Roy Drummond

Ali Ay

Agata/Jack Makowska

Isobel Murphy

Wayne Rogers

Samantha Norris

Katana Paris

Dominic/Sophie Louise Carter

Andrew Way/Miss Gin

Gerald Crawley

Jonathan Meadows

Freddie/Alyssa Trenchard

Tyrone/Trinity Sanders

Jade Anderson

Oliver James Bond/Lucas Cole

Burgess Hill Sex Offenders

Stuart Bulling

Richard Coyle

Tanya Howes

Clive Bundy

Thomas/Rebecca Gordon

Scott Mathieson

Rhi Grugel

Paul Whittaker

Zara Jade