2023 Convictions

Convictions of males (ie individuals who identify as transgender women or who cross-dress)

Murder / Attempted murder:


Sexual offences: 
Sexual offences with child victims: 

Anthony Lonsdale: Eight counts of grooming and possession of sexually explicit images of children

Ketan Shende: Multiple counts of distributing, possessing and making indecent images of children

Sexual offences with adult victims: 

Adam Graham/Isla Bryson: Rape of two women

Dominic Risden/Lexi-Rose Crawford: Rape and sexual assault of a woman 

Graeme/Jane Beck: Two counts of sexual assault against women and one count of offending public decency during a video call 

Jason Pilley/Jane Knightingale: Exposure of penis and testicles, obstructing police officers


Andrew Miller/Amy George: Charged with multiple sexual offences, abduction and threatening or abusive behaviour, following the disappearance of an 11 year old girl

Danielle Edney: Charged with child sexual abuse offence(s)

Sought by the police:

“Rosemary Times”: Serial sex offender exposing genitals and masturbating in shops

Demanding transfer to women’s prisons in Scotland

Andrew Burns/Tiffany Scott: Serial extremely violent offender with multiple convictions for violence against women (including members of the public, healthcare workers, prison officers and a 13 year old girl stalked from prison)

Jonathon/Charlene Mallon: Convicted in 2014 of the rape and sexual assault of six women

Albert/Claire Caballero: Convicted in 2019 of the abduction and rape of a female care worker

Other violent offences:  

Raphael de Sousa: Assault to the victim’s severe injury and permanent disfigurement


Robyn Woof: Transgender activist charged with assault

Miscellaneous other offences: 



Convictions of females (ie individuals who identify as transgender men or who cross-dress)

Coral/Ryan Scott: Engaging in sexual activity with or towards a child