Tylah-Jo Bryan

Tylah-Jo Bryan
Photo: Facebook via Metro

Tylah-Jo Bryan, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted at Westminster Magistrates Court of violent disorder in November 2018.

Bryan, 22, from Barking, committed the offence at Leicester Square tube station with two other violent males who identify as trans women (see Amarnih Lewis-Daniel and Michael O’Docherty/Tamzin Lush) in June 2018. Video capturing a 19 year old man on the ground being repeatedly hit, kicked and stamped on was widely shared, and the victim needed hospital treatment for his injuries.

The magistrate agreed with the prosecutor that the incident was so serious that the defendants needed to be sentenced in a higher court.

Sentencing of Bryan, Lewis-Daniel and O’Docherty/Lush (plus an additional female perpetrator) will be at Blackfriars Crown Court on a date to be determined.

At the time of the offence, all media coverage referred to the incident as being perpetrated by a gang or group of women, and every post by media outlets on social media received hundreds of replies asking for the perpetrators’ sex to be accurately reported. 

Media reports

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A video featuring the offenders is also available on YouTube