Lee Baker/Tiffany Aching

Lee Baker/Tiffany Aching, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of stalking at Bournemouth Crown Court in 2017. Baker/Aching escaped a prison sentence and was fined £200 and ordered to pay £100 compensation to the victim. A restraining order was also issued.

Baker/Aching, 47, was then subsequently convicted at Poole Magistrates’ Court in December 2018 of two charges of harassment, breaching a restraining order and of stalking over a prolonged period between July 2017 and September 2018, i.e. just months after conviction.

Having failed to attend court for the trial, a warrant for Baker/Aching’s arrest was issued.

Police in Leicestershire had been searching for Baker/Aching as the defendant hadn’t been seen since the weekend of November 16 and 17. In an appeal (with no warning for the public regarding Baker/Aching’s repeated stalking) Avon & Somerset police described the offender as “6ft 2ins, big build with hazel brown eyes and dark red hair” and as having “recently transitioned”. The appeal was widely shared on social media. 

A spokesperson from Leicestershire Police issued the somewhat bizarre obfuscatory statement: “Although Tiffany identifies as a woman she may be presenting as a man and wearing men’s clothing, including a black baseball cap. Similarly, when trans-identified male rapist Craig/Lisa Hauxwell was on the run, The Derby Telegraph‘s headline read “Have you seen missing woman spotted in Derbyshire dressed as a man?” Similar obfuscation from a police statement was also evident when a Leeds police officer posted this tweet  saying “Leeds Woman Lisa Lacey also has used male identity Craig John Hauxwell.”

It is unknown at the time of writing whether the victim was male or female, although the majority of offences of this type are perpetrated by males against females, often after a relationship has ended.

Baker/Aching’s Twitter account consists mostly of photos of women in underwear, plus posting photos from female toilets, and reporting women for daring to question gender ideology. In this post Baker/Aching cheers for trans activist Giuliana Kendal who tried and failed to silence women by bringing a private prosecution against two feminists for standing up to male bullying.

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*Update December 2018*

The Bournemouth Echo reported that magistrates at Poole heard on 11 December that the defendant had been found and is currently being treated at a psychiatric hospital. A sentencing hearing was adjourned until January 2019 for an update on Baker/Aching’s mental health.

*Update March 2019*

Baker/Aching’s case was reportedly sent to Crown Court for sentencing as it was too serious to be dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court. 

Update April 2019*

Baker/Aching, 47, was sentenced to 15 months in prison at Bournemouth Crown Court. Reportedly, the fact that Aching had only recently been released from a psychiatric unit and would be victim of ‘merciless bullying’ in prison was used in mitigation.

More details emerged in coverage of the sentence and, as suspected, the victim was Baker/Aching’s ex-partner. She told the court that the constant harassment had left her feeling like she was ‘being watched all the time’. She said: ‘It’s made me feel frightened, uneasy and like I can’t live life. It’s like I’m being watched all the time and I’m still frightened now. ‘I’ve been suffering with depression and anxiety because of it and I’ve had to work shorter hours.’

Baker/Aching had harassed the victim at home and at work, leaving her feeling “scared and insecure”. The Daily Mail reported that in September 2017, CCTV from the victim’s home captured Baker/Aching turning up during the night before shining a torch inside a car parked on her drive. Baker/Aching also left suggestive comments all over the victim’s social media and updated a Facebook profile picture to one that contained the victim.

Photo via Avon & Somerset Police

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