John/Jayde Clowting

John/Jayde Clowting, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted at Bristol Crown Court in September 2019 of assault and escaped a custodial sentence, instead being given a 10 day community order and ordered to pay an £85 victim surcharge. Clowting, whose age is given as 50+, was acquitted of a sexual assault on the same victim.

The court heard that the offences related to incidents which happened in December 2018 at a gay bar in Bristol. The victim (a young gay man who was dressed in drag) told the court that on emerging from the toilets, he felt the defendant touch him on the bottom. When challenged, Clowting replied “Why can’t I touch you?” The victim’s boyfriend also confronted Clowting saying it was not okay to touch his boyfriend.

The victim then said he became aware of Clowting staring at him in an “unfriendly” way and was accosted by Clowting’s friend Lana Stancer (also a trans-identified male) who said “We’re supposed to be sisters, we’re supposed to stick together.” A fight then broke out, caught on CCTV, in which the victim was knocked to the ground and punched by Clowting, who was on top of him. The victim’s boyfriend tried to intervene and was attacked by Clowting’s friend, Lana Stancer, who was also convicted of assault in a separate trial.

In yet another case where gender issues are cited as mitigation, the Bristol Post reported that the judge inexplicably appeared to excuse Clowting’s unprovoked violence, referring to issues with alcohol and apparently acknowledging “the difficulties Clowting had faced as a trans woman and believed her anger was partly a symptom of being the victim of transphobia for many years.”

Clowting was also referred to, bizarrely, in court as “an exemplary mother who runs a successful business” and reportedly ended the hearing with the judge wishing Clowting well. It is unknown if the judge also wished the victim well – he described the effect that the assaults have had on him as “very upsetting”.

All media headlines referred to Clowting as a woman – other examples of violent men’s offences reported as being perpetrated by women are collected under this tag.

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