Stephen Edwards / Laura Hudson

Stephen Edwards / Laura Hudson, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of attempted robbery at Hull Crown Court in 2015.

Despite Hudson, 40, having a string of previous violent convictions, the court heard that the defendant “should not be sent to prison because of the difficulties she could face there.”

Defending, Mr Philip said: “My client is at the pre-operative transitional stage and a prisoner of this type will face real difficulties.

At Hudson’s sentencing, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said the offence was so serious it merited a prison sentence, but he was able to suspend it, given the background to the case.

Sentencing Hudson to 12 months in jail, suspended for two years, the judge remarked: “You are transgender and life has been arguably cruel to you because you were not able to cope with psychological and psychiatric issues associated with transgender issues at all well.”

Hudson had committed ten previous offences, including arson endangering life and was dependent on alcohol, needing six cans of strong lager and three litres of cider a day to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

In her impact statement, the victim said her nine-year old daughter was so terrified during the attack that she ran off and was “hysterical” when she found her, saying: “She now won’t walk anywhere on her own and is paranoid about every person she sees. But if I’m honest, I’m the same.”

The court also heard that almost all of Hudson’s offending was “linked to her difficulties coping with issues surrounding her gender.”

Despite being convicted of a violent offence against a woman, Hudson was reported as living in a women’s hostel.

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