HMP Littlehey self-harming prisoner

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

An unnamed male sex offender who identifies as a trans woman was reported in the Daily Mirror in June 2016 as having self harmed with a razor after allegedly having been refused transfer from HMP Littlehey to a women’s prison.

The prisoner’s offence(s) are unknown, but HMP Littlehey is a male sex offender’s prison and presumably the prisoner did not meet risk assessment criteria to be transferred.

Eleven HMP Littlehey sex offender prisoners were reportedly on the ‘Transgender Pathway’ in 2017 and presumably intent on being transferred to women’s prisons. Likewise at HMP Isle Of Wight (another male sex offender prison) nine sex offenders were on the Transgender Pathway in 2016 – the previous year the number was estimated as ‘up to 35‘. In 2016, twelve prisoners at sex offender prison HMP Whatton reportedly identified as transgender, six of whom were on the Transgender Pathway for surgery.

Other violent male prisoners who identify as trans women who have threatened to harm themselves (or succeeded in doing so) if their demands are not met include Joanne Latham, Christopher Hunnisett, Andrew Burns and another un-named prisoner in Lancaster.

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