Shayne Robson

Shayne Robson, a female who identifies as a trans man, was convicted in 2018 at Newcastle Crown Court of blackmail. 

Robson, 22, escaped going to jail, having been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment which was suspended for two years, with rehabilitation requirements and £500 costs.

The victim (referred to as Mr K in media reports) met Robson on dating website Badoo and was led to believe Robson was a gay man – however, Robson was actually in a relationship with a woman. Within five months Mr K, 25, had handed over his £12,000 life savings, taken out a £5,000 bank loan, which he handed over, and borrowed money to give to Robson.

When Mr K realised he was never going to see his money again, he cut off contact. Robson then threatened to disclose intimate photographs the pair had exchanged, to the complainant’s family, friends, effectively anyone on his social media network if Mr K did not continue to hand over more money.

The judge told Robson: “There was never realistically going to be a relationship out of this, from your point of view.

“You caused someone enormous harm, emotionally.

Photo credit: Newcastle Chronicle

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