Michael O’Neill / Charlene Blundell

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

Michael O’NeillĀ / Charlene Blundell, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of arson recklessly endangering life in 1999 and sentenced to 42 months in prison. The arson attack was perpetrated against a friend, Mr Mark Falla, whom O’Neill /Blundell claimed had refused to pay for the rest of the defendant’s gender reassignment treatmentĀ  – see also Karen Lawson who killed a boyfriend who similarly refused to pay for surgery.

O’Neill / Blundell had apparently met up with Mr Falla, in April 1998 and they returned to a flat where he was staying for drinks. After a while, Mr Falla blacked out, although he was not drunk; O’Neill/ Blundell had spiked his drink and then started fires at five different points in the flat in Brockley, south London. The court was told O’Neill / Blundell was ‘going through a sex change and was at the pre-operative stage’ and had one aim – ‘to be completely transformed into a woman and settle down to an ordinary life’.

Court documents available here indicate that O’Neill / Blundell may have given false evidence in expectation of receiving compensation money which contaminated the prosecution case against a member of staff at a residential school who was on trial for sexual offences. The documents also indicate that O’Neill / Blundell had “many conviction for dishonesty and arson, and paid for sex-changes procedures by prostitution.”

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