Barrie/Mallory Wilks

Andrew McNab/Chloe Thompson

Allan/Jessica Brennan

Jessica Smith

Nathan Sparling

Michael Farrow/Louise Ritson

Michelle Winter

Rowan Thompson

Rachel Smith

Roger Spackman

Wayne Rogers

Tristyn Bell-Willows

Marcus Smith/Adam Hodgson/Leila Le Fey

Tamara Williams

Judicial review case: Transgender rapist accused of sexual assault in prison

Gerald Matovu

Nicola Watson

Joe Brennan/@TownTattle

Daniel Reeves/Ella Davies

Peyton Rose Monteux

Christopher Worton/Zoe Lynes

Barry Mason

Duncan Smart/Jacinta Brooks

Peter Syme/Andrew McWilliam

David Challenor

Stephen / Stephanie Mottershead

Christopher Noble/Christyl Knight

Liam Suleman

Karen White

Rachael Bailey

Sarah Preece

Carrie Cooper

Tanis Wolf / Tara Wood

Francesca Camicia

Hannah Bonser

Jay Ferguson

Paris Bregazzi

Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

Louise Croft

Male trans individuals convicted of violence against women & children