Graham Cleary-Senior

Graham Cleary-Senior, a violent male transvestite, was jailed for life for the murder of his wife Frances. Cleary-Senior, 56, was told he would serve at least 15 years in prison when he was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court in August 2015.

Mrs Cleary-Senior initially survived being stabbed by her husband and underwent major surgery at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Unfortunately she subsequently contracted a respiratory infection while recovering in hospital and died a month after being admitted.

However, she was able to make a statement to the police and described 18 years of violence and abuse at the hands of her husband; he had previously threatened her with knives on six previous occasions. She had apparently discovered weeks into their marriage that he was an alcoholic and a transvestite. His drinking was responsible for thousands of pounds of debt the couple had accrued and they had been forced to sell their home. 

Mrs Cleary-Senior’s sister said that while in hospital after the stabbing her sister told her the defendant had been ‘very controlling’. The court heard Mrs Cleary-Senior’s family had initially shielded her 90-year-old mother from news of the stabbing – and that she was inconsolable when she learnt her daughter had died.

Senior investigating officer Duncan Thorpe said: “This was a horrific attack that Graham Cleary-Senior subjected his wife to. “Upon being arrested, he showed absolutely no remorse for the callous murder of his wife, saying that she pushed him to it.

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