Ian Huntley

Ian Huntley
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Ian Huntley, known as the Soham murderer, was convicted in December 2003 of the murder of two ten year old girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, in August 2002. Huntley, then aged 29, was sentenced at the High Court to two terms of life imprisonment with the minimum term set at 40 years. Police also suspected him of being a serial sex offender.

UK media reported in February 2017 that Huntley had asked fellow inmates at HMP Frankland to call him Lian so he could spend his life term in a female prison. A prison service spokesman denied Huntley was planning to transition.  

After Huntley’s conviction, it was revealed that he’d been the subject of at least eight police investigations into sexual offences committed on women and young girls, and a burglary charge had been left on file. The Soham murders led to tightening of procedures in the criminal background checks of people who work with children, following severe criticism of systemic failures that had allowed Huntley to work as a school caretaker.


In April 2018, Huntley was again reported as planning to transition and that he has requested fellow prisoners call him Nicola which is also the name of the mother of one of the children he killed.

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