Brandon/Chloe Walker

Chloe/Brandon Walker (aka Steven/James Walker, Jamie Thornton), a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of unknown sex offences against a child/children in 2016 and placed on the sex offenders’ register.

In July 2018 Walker, 29, was convicted of breaching the sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) imposed at sentencing and was sent to prison for 10 months.

Shortly before release from HMP Peterborough, Walker pleaded guilty to a second breach of the SHPO at Northampton Magistrates Court in March 2019. A condition of the SHPO was to register all pseudonyms used online with the police in advance of using them. However, during a visit from the police in 2018, Walker was found to be using the pseudonym Jamie Thornton to contact a female victim on Facebook, presumably to hide the fact of being a convicted sex offender. The 18 week prison sentence was suspended for a year.

In addition to telling the court of Walker’s use of drugs, mental health issues and autism as mitigation, Walker’s lawyer said “She’d been living a socially reclusive life with not many friends, and social media was the only place she could find some company.” As if it’s entirely expected that male sex offenders (with a specific order from the court preventing them doing so) are entitled to alleviate their problems by imposing on women and girls (with no idea they are speaking to a sex offender) for their emotional labour.

Somewhat farcically, Walker was referred to as Mr Walker for the first half of the hearing (presumably as Walker has not obtained a GRC and the concomitant right to be recorded as female on official documents), until the judge told the prosecutor to refer to Walker using feminine pronouns. So Walker was convicted of using a self-declared (false) identity online to access women, but the prosecutor is impelled to participate in a sex offender’s self-declared gender identity in court.

A Liberal Democrat county councillor (who wasn’t in court) challenged the reporter (who had been in court) on the story – archived here – arguing
that the offender’s transgender status is irrelevant, despite this being intrinsic to the offending pattern. Plus the fact that 98% of sex offences against children are committed by males, making biological sex overwhelmingly relevant.

Predictably, other men then piled in, ever keen to obfuscate male-pattern sex offending and imply a woman was responsible.

*Update May 2019*

Within seven days of release, Walker had failed to comply with terms imposed by the court, despite a taxpayer-funded package of housing and a job offer.

Appearing again before Northampton Magistrates Court on May 9, Walker admitted the breaches and must now serve the original suspended 18-week prison sentence along with a further 20 weeks for the two new offences. 

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