Alan/Alannah Morgan

Alan/Alannah Morgan, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Dundee Sheriff Court in April 2022 of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner. Morgan has a long list of previous convictions.

Morgan, 50, was arrested in March 2022 after behaving violently outside a hostel in Dundee, hurling a skateboard and shouting and swearing at staff. In the police van, the defendant continued to behave violently and exposed their genitals and buttocks – this was later argued by Morgan’s solicitor as ‘not a sexual act’ but ‘a demonstration’ during an argument over gender.

Media coverage describes Morgan as appearing on court rolls and also being known as Alan.  Despite this indicating that the defendant does not have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), Morgan was held on remand at HMP Cornton Vale (a women’s prison) prior to appearing in court to admit the offence. In court Morgan was described as having mental health problems and not having taken prescribed medication at the time of the offences.

The report in The Courier describes Morgan as ‘a woman’ and uses female pronouns throughout.

*Update November 2022*

At Dundee sheriff court on 2 November 2022, Morgan was sentenced in relation to four separate complaints – two of which the offender was designated as a man and two as a woman. In court, Morgan’s solicitor feigned ignorance as to why a male prisoner with a history of violent offences would have been risk assessed and consequently kept away from vulnerable female prisoners while on remand at HMP Cornton Vale, saying “She’s been kept in isolation. I’m not entirely sure why.”

As “Alannah”, Morgan admitted acting in a threatening or abusive manner in the city’s Happyhillock Road on 24 February 2021 by striking a floor and screaming. On the same complaint, Morgan also admitted having a knife and shouting and swearing and referring to Andrew Rhynd in derogatory terms and uttering threats in April 2021. On the second complaint being designated as a woman, Morgan admitted acting in a threatening or abusive manner in Nethergate, Dundee, on 24 April.

Then – as Alan – Morgan admitted acting in a threatening or abusive manner and adopting an aggressive demeanour while making derogatory remarks to police in the city’s Brewery Lane on 3 January 2022 when already subject to an anti-social behaviour order. And in the final case, Morgan admitted the offences described above – namely, again acting in a threatening or abusive manner in Brewery Lane on 23 March 2022 and repeatedly throwing a skateboard around and kicking bins. Morgan also admitted shouting, swearing and making offensive remarks to police in the back of a vehicle and at police HQ in Dundee, striking a cell door, exposing his buttocks and repeatedly spitting within a cell and pulling down his trousers to expose his genitals.

In common with a great many other trans-identified male repeat offenders detailed on this site, Morgan avoided a prison sentence. Sheriff Alistair Carmichael placed Morgan on a tag for three months to cover all of the cases and imposed a curfew order to stay indoors between 7pm and 7am each day. He said: “The combination of these offences puts this at the custodial threshold, so it would be worthy of a prison sentence, but I’m obliged to look at alternatives.”

Several media articles suggested this was a legal first where an offender appeared as both a man and a “woman” in a court on the same day – this is not true. In 2020, the convicted sex offender, Brandon Walker, who has repeatedly offended against children, was convicted of 5 offences on the same day under two different names. The five offences were: two counts of failing to comply with the requirements of the sex offenders’ register (under the name Chloe Walker) and two breaches of a sexual harm prevention order (under the name Brandon Walker) and one of failing to tell police of a new phone number. Walker was sentenced to ten months in prison.

This predictable confusion concerning transgender sex offenders changing their names and the known loopholes that Keep Prisons Single Sex has highlighted within Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) procedures will undoubtably lead to missed opportunities to identify risks and safeguard children and vulnerable adults from predators who identify as trans, whether sincerely or specifically to access victims.

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