Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

Male trans individuals convicted of violence against women & children

Roderick Deakin-White

Judicial review case: Transgender rapist accused of sexual assault in prison

Service resumed!

John/Jayde Clowting

Lana Stancer

Alistair Chapman

Poole Transvestite Sex Offender

Gerald Matovu

Nicola Watson

Justin/Charlotte Blundell

Anthony/Toni Prince

Joe Brennan/@TownTattle

Geoffrey Rainey Kelly

Daniel Reeves/Ella Davies

Carol Lea

Mark/Melissa Addis

Chloe/Brandon Walker

Peyton Rose Monteux

Amber Candy Flowers/Timothy Ormandy

Dennis Reed

Christopher Worton/Zoe Lynes

Katie Dolatowski

Richard Grattige

Princess Purple Watkins

Brian Wooster

Lee Baker/Tiffany Aching

Nicholas/Stacey Poole

Tylah-Jo Bryan

Amarnih Lewis-Daniel

Michael O’Docherty/Tamzin Lush

Barry Mason

Michael Chidgey

Duncan Smart/Jacinta Brooks

Shaun Pudwell/Michelle Lewin

Carl Regan/Lucy Couture

Norman McKeown

Peter Syme/Andrew McWilliam

David Challenor

Stephen / Stephanie Mottershead

Christopher Noble/Christyl Knight