Lottie / Lucien Harris

Lottie / Lucien Harris, a female who identifies as a trans man, was convicted of six counts of perverting the course of justice at Worcester Crown Court in March 2018. Harris, 23, received a two-year suspended prison sentence and was ordered to complete 300 hours of community service, pay £2,500 compensation to the victim and made the subject of a restraining order.

Harris made a series of 23 false allegations against a gay male colleague, reportedly after the victim rejected a sexual advance (made prior to Harris identifying as a trans man).  The Metro reported that although a false rape allegation was not listed on the indictment, it was considered to be an ‘aggravating factor’.

In his victim impact statement, the victim is quoted as saying “I was scared and isolated, even though I knew that I had done nothing wrong. ‘I had visions of being sent to prison and no-one believing me. 

‘Every time I see a police car or a police officer I get scared that they are going to arrest me or that [Harris] has made up another lie.’ He added that he now feels ‘scarred for life’ following the accusations.

Harris’ defence lawyer cited in mitigation that ‘It’s clear that Mr Harris is not a young person actuated by malice, but one who is struggling with identity.’

Photo: SWNS via Metro

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