Susan Cuthbert

Susan Cuthbert, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Teesside Crown Court in March 2021 of unlawful wounding and causing grievous bodily harm with intent. Cuthbert was sentenced to five years and four months in custody, in HMP Durham – a Category B men’s prison.

Media reports indicate that Cuthbert’s extreme violence was motivated by sexual jealousy, an offence much more characteristic of male offenders than female. After a brief sexual relationship “with a man, who goes by the name of Gemma” in 2019, Cuthbert apparently believed “Gemma” was having sex with Cuthbert’s neighbour in September 2020 – a man with whom Cuthbert was also having a sexual relationship.

Cuthbert, 51, attacked both men with a 12″ kitchen knife and left one victim (Gemma) suffering a deep laceration and the other victim (the neighbour) with stab wounds to his abdomen, causing injuries to his bowel. He spent 22 days in hospital, mostly in intensive care. He has yet to fully recover from his injuries, now needing to walk with the aid of a walking stick. Cuthbert cited drug (mephedrone) and alcohol intake as related to their apparent inability to remember details of the attacks.

Both victims told the court they had sustained mental and physical injuries, with Gemma saying the attack was “totally unforgivable”.

Media reports referred to Cuthbert with female pronouns though many comments on articles cited confusion arising from how the articles were written and the pronouns used. As Cuthbert has been sent to a men’s prison, this indicates likely not possessing a gender recognition certificate (GRC).

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