Kyle Andrew

Kyle Andrew, a violent female who identifies as a transgender man, was convicted in August 2022 at Truro Crown Court of burglary and theft. Andrew, 26, was sentenced to two years in prison for burglary and 6 months for theft and made subject to a restraining order preventing contact with the victim for five years.

The judge suspended the prison sentence because Andrew’s defence barrister successfully argued that being sent to a female prison would delay the process of transition by months, if not years and affect Andrew’s mental health. A gender clinic had reportedly turned Andrew away previously because of poor mental health and drug misuse issues.

Starting in 2021, Andrew, 26, had come up with a litany of reasons for needing money from a vulnerable man who lived next door – e.g. needing a locksmith, a train fare, a medical emergency and moving house. But in reality Andrew needed the money to pay for a drug habit. In April 2021 Andrew accompanied the neighbour to a cashpoint but he became suspicious and called the police when he got home. On the following morning, the neighbour was woken up by Andrew ringing his doorbell and attempting to enter his flat. Then four days later, the neighbour was woken up by noises inside his flat and found Andrew in the hallway saying they wouldn’t leave until they got the £100 they needed. In a scuffle trying to grab the neighbour’s phone, Andrew hit him in the face.

In total Andrew coerced and stole £3,000 from the vulnerable neighbour, but only pleaded guilty to having stolen £1,500, claiming the rest was ‘legitimate gifts’.

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