Gillian Newley

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Graham Newley/Gillian Rebecca Newley, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of 14 charges of possessing over 14,000 indecent photographs of children at Maidstone Crown Court in 2010.

Despite the grave seriousness of Newley’s offending, the judge suspended the imposed 10 months in prison for 18 months after hearing the “special circumstances” of the case.

13,760 of the images were at the lowest level of one, 47 were at level two, 423 at level three, 264 at level four and 32 at the most serious level of five.

Newley was said to have looked at the images on Google for about four years as “she wanted to know what it would be like to be a female child as she missed out” but that it was it was only in the last four months Newley had intentionally looked for indecent images. Newley’s defence team alleged the defendant “did not do it for sexual gratification but out of curiosity.”

The judge told Newley to attend a sex offenders’ programme saying “I have some sympathy with the situation in which you find yourself and your confusion over your sexual identity and sexual matters generally. He also said the defendant had escaped an immediate prison sentence “by a whisker” and that “If you offend again I will have no alternative but to send you to prison, however uncomfortable that may be for you.”

Newley’s defence team told the court that the 52-year-old “had got to the point of pre-operative assessment for full transgender surgery to change her from a male to a female” having undergone a name change ten years previously.

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See also Sarbjeet Jagdev‘s case who had his sentence for possession of 1,400 indecent images of children reduced from 3 years to 2 years on appeal.

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