Roxanne Yeatman

Roxanne Yeatman
Photo via Cascade News

Roxanne/ Doug Yeatman, a male who identifies as a trans woman, served several prison sentences including a 28 month sentence at HMP Wandsworth and was dishonourably discharged from the Army for theft in1968.

In several articles from 2014, Yeatman, 65, described autogynephilia at school;  “We would nick the headmistress’ underwear and put it on. It felt great. We used to sneak out on to the roof at night, strip off and try on stockings, suspenders and knickers just for the thrill of it.” A similar story of violating women by stealing their clothing/underwear as Gina Smith, (another trans woman discharged from the Army) and Claire Darbyshire.

Yeatman reportedly moved to London and drifted into a life of crime “I got in with bad people and started being a naughty boy. I’ve done prison, plenty of it. I did a 28-month stretch at Wandsworth.”

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