Ian / Gina Smith

Ian George Smith / Gina Smith, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of going Absent Without Leave (AWOL) in 1978, served a 28-day sentence in a military prison and was subsequently discharged from the army.

In a media interview, Smith describes how a job as a Colonel’s personal valet provided an opportunity to violate his wife by stealing and wearing her clothes for presumably sexual purposes (i.e. autogynephilia). Smith is quoted as saying “she’d wait until he and his wife went on holiday and then raided the ­woman’s extensive wardrobe, shedding his infantryman’s uniform to prance around their home dressed in her finest Christian Dior cocktail frocks and heels.” Similarly, Roxanne Yeatman (another male who identifies as a trans woman discharged from the Army), Gary Marie and Claire Darbyshire also stole women’s clothing and underwear.

During the interview, the (female) writer notes her interviewee exposing their underwear to her;

“Gina…crosses her bare legs and adjusts her figure hugging frock. It has a vivid psychedelic print, cut low at the front and unfortunately just a bit on the short side so that when she bends over to take off her towering heels because they’re hurting her feet, she gives a quick flash of her knickers.”

Photo credit: Julie Bull via Edinburgh News

Media reports

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