William Wotherspoon

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

William Wotherspoon/ Lisa-Anne Docherty, a violent male who previously identified as a trans woman, has been convicted and (in some cases) acquitted of a several violent crimes. He is understood to have since detransitioned – a 2005 Daily Mail article reports Wotherspoon as preparing for the surgery.

In 1995, the ex-paratrooper Wotherspoon was acquitted of the murder of Francis McMillan, who died 17 days after being doused with petrol and set on fire.

In 1996, he was sentenced to 18-month in prison for attacking a man with an axe. An appeal heard at the High Court failed and he was sent back to HMP Barlinnie in November 1999. He reportedly appeared at the court in Hamilton dressed as a woman.

Following conviction Wotherspoon said ”I’ve never been a gangster and I’m certainly not the Glasgow godmother.”

In 1999, then aged 29, he admitted driving while disqualified and breaching bail and community service conditions and was sentenced to three months, to run concurrently. He appeared in court dressed as a man.

In 2001, he underwent gender reassignment surgery at a private clinic in 2001 and changed his name to Lisa-Anne Docherty. 

In 2005, Wotherspoon/Docherty was held on remand at women’s prison HMP Cornton Vale while accused of abducting a man.

Also in 2005, Wotherspoon/Docherty, then aged 39, appeared in court charged with driving without an MOT and insurance and reportedly wanted an operation to reverse the gender reassignment surgery on the NHS.

In 2006 Wotherspoon/Docherty was reportedly beaten up and shot with an airgun for ‘taking too long in a public telephone box’.


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A large number of articles on Wotherspoon/Docherty in e.g. the Daily Mail, Mirror and Daily Record are no longer available online, but excerpts can be read herehere, here, here and here. No images of the offender are available.