Ian Qualters

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

Ian Qualters, a violent male transvestite, was convicted of a number of public order offences and harassment offences at Chester Magistrates Court in 2016.

Magistrates rejected Qualters’ claim that the offences were not targeted and sentenced him to two weeks in custody, suspended for two years, as well as imposing a new 24-month rehabilitation order. He was ordered to pay £200 in compensation to each of his victims, costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £115.

Qualters, 41, was also given a restraining order mandating that he cannot enter a leisure/sport facility, enter a garden or driveway without permission, approach lone females, solicit for photographs in public, touch his genitals in public, show his genitals in public or use abusive or threatening language.

Qualters had waged an eight month campaign of harassment dressed in stereotypical female clothing and costumes, including swimwear and underwear, and targeting female neighbours by making lewd comments as they walked past his home, and spying on them in their homes. He also hurled underwear and bikini tops on to women’s properties while they were at an early-morning fitness class; one victim had around 40 items in total deposited on her property. The women had been left feeling “anxious” and “unsettled”, and believed that Qualters must have been watching them to establish what their routines were and when they would be out.

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