John Suares

John Suares, a male transvestite, was convicted of committing an act of public indecency at Dunfermline Sheriff Court in August 2016. Sentence was deferred for a year for Suares to be of good behaviour meaning he was neither imprisoned nor fined but received a verbal discipline and was free to go.

Suares, 42, was on his lunch hour from a job as an IT specialist, when he got out of his car to sit on a metal fence in the town of Inverkeithing while dressed in a short black tutu skirt, red tights and a wig and with a sex toy clamped between his legs.

Alarmed residents took the registration number of his car and when the police stopped him the female clothing and sex toys were found in his car.

After being charged and asked if wanted to make a statement, Suares said: “Just that it wasn’t a sexual act. I was cross-dressing and I was fully dressed. My genitals were not exposed at any time.”

Suares’ solicitor told the court that after medical problems there was a strain on her client’s marriage and, “He found behaving in this way was a way of dealing with stress.”

The sheriff told Suares: “What you choose to wear is your own affair but you conducting this sort of offence must have been very disturbing for the witnesses. You did this when being overlooked by residential properties and I don’t know why you would have thought you were doing this in private.”

Photo credit: Gary Fitzpatrick Dunfermline Press

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