Josh/Samantha Howard

Josh/Samantha Howard, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted at Newcastle Crown Court of four assaults on emergency workers, possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage. Howard was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

In two separate incidents in Hartlepool and Sunderland, Howard first lashed out and kicked three police officers and damaged a police car after they and paramedics had been called because Howard was on a window sill and armed with a knife.

A few weeks later, police were called when Howard was “shouting and being emotional in her partner’s garden, carrying a knife”. Howard then bit the officer who tried to intervene. The officer required hospital treatment after the attack.

The court heard Howard had a history of mental health issues and was self-medicating with hormones purchased via the internet. This was presented as a mitigating factor by the defence saying there was an “absence of any scientific evidence to assist the court whether or not that had the effect of completely disinhibiting her”.

Howard, 23, appeared at the hearing via a video-link to HMP Durham, a category B men’s prison.

Other trans-identified males whose medication/hormones have been blamed for their criminal actions are collated under this tag.

Photo via Newcastle Chronicle

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