Mark Brown

Mark Brown, a violent male transvestite, was convicted in July 2020 at Wood Green Crown Court of assault by penetration.

Brown, 30, has previously been convicted of seven counts of similar sexual touching offences and is on the Sex Offender’s Register. He breached his licence conditions of not being allowed out between 22:00hrs and 08:00hrs. Judge Joanna Greenberg QC ordered a report to assess the future risk Brown could pose to women and remanded him in custody until sentencing. Although, by the eighth conviction, a reasonable person might ask how any report could not find Brown to be a risk to women.

Brown was captured on CCTV racing out of his flat in the early hours of the morning, just 30 seconds after a young women had passed by. He was wearing a black dress, jacket and tights and put on a long silver wig before following her home and sexually assaulting her. The victim shouted and tried to push him away, but she was knocked to the floor on her doorstep.

Brown initially refused to admit it was him on the footage, but later admitted he had been cross-dressing and tried to claim he had intended to rob the woman rather than sexually assault her. Police found the wig and jacket as well as a bra and latex gloves in his back garden. Although she didn’t see Brown’s face, the victim said “It’s the kind of thing I wouldn’t think of women doing so I assumed it was a man.”

The police statement at conviction appears to gloss over the fact at various points that Brown was dressed specifically as a woman (i.e. dress, tights, long wig) to commit the offence – see also Hertfordshire police recently omitting to include the fact that a suspected perpetrator of sexual offences was dressed as a woman when they issued a public appeal for information .

The Met’s statement refers obliquely to Brown committing the offence in disguise; e.g. the investigating officer is quoted as saying “Brown is a dangerous, sexual predator and […] was lying in wait, in disguise, ready to pounce on his unsuspecting victim. He has refused to admit his guilt throughout and forced his victim to re-live her traumatic ordeal by going to trial.”

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