Joshua/Leah Harvey

Joshua/Leah Harvey, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted in May 2018 of five counts of attempting to incite a girl to engage in sexual activity, and jailed for three years and eight months. A sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) was imposed, banning contact with children.

Harvey, 25, was released on licence in October 2019 and breached the SHPO within a fortnight by blatantly approaching two boys at a Remembrance Day event in front of a police officer, who thought Harvey seemed “over-familiar”. Despite the boys confirming they had never met Harvey and the restrictions imposed by the SHPO regarding children, plus a member of the public saying that Harvey had been overheard in a shop “bragging about being a paedophile”, the officer seemingly took no action, leaving Harvey free to later harass and intimidate two girls working in a takeaway in the Caerphilly area.

Wales Online reports that the first girl felt unsafe when Harvey threw food at her and said they had “a surprise” for her, before trying to get through the hatch to the area behind the counter. Harvey later returned to the shop to harass another girl, asking if she was old enough to have a sexual relationship, asking to take her out and making her feel vulnerable and intimidated.

Harvey was convicted of two breaches of a sexual harm prevention order and jailed in May 2020 for two years . Harvey will serve the sentence at HMP Parc, a male category B prison and must sign the sex offender register indefinitely. The judge referred to the defendant’s “sheer arrogance” in the “blatant” approach to the boys in front of the police, adding: “This was a persistent breach of the order.”

Wales Online referred to Harvey as a woman and ‘she’ throughout the article and the police declined to provide a custody photo. Yet another of the increasing examples of the media and police appearing to conspire to ascribe male sexual offending to women – see this tag for many further examples.

See also “These Are Not Our Crimes” a compilation of 71 male offenders recently convicted by UK courts of violent and/or sexually violent crimes, all of whom identify as trans women. All these crimes have been erroneously reported as having been committed by women. If we cannot name these perpetrators as male, we cannot address the problem; male violence against woman and girls.

These Are Not Our Crimes

Photo credit: Guardians Of The North paedophile hunters who originally brought Harvey to the attention of the police in 2018.

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