Ian / Jean Morris

Ian / Jean Morris, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of possessing (2kg) of Class C drug ketamine with intent to supply at Bristol Crown Court in 2010. Morris was also found with cannabis resin, weighing scales and £300 cash.

Morris, 41, adopted the name Jean in September 2009 and had ‘lived as a woman’ for the last three years. However, the defendant stood trial as a man in October 2010. At the sentencing hearing in January 2011, Morris was referred to as Miss Morris and sentenced to 11-months in prison, suspended for two years and told to observe a nightly curfew for six months.

The judge suspended the sentence after the defence claimed Morris was at a ‘crucial stage in becoming a woman’ and would find it ‘difficult’ in a male prison. Probation and psychiatric reports were concerned that should Morris go to jail it would disrupt ongoing gender reassignment treatment. The court also heard that Morris’ early years were ‘dominated by his gender difficulties and had prompted him to steal women’s clothes’.

Richard Goad, director of anti-drugs charity DARE UK, commented  “You would think a custodial sentence would have been more appropriate.”

Photo via Daily Express

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