Kevin Stewart

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

Kevin Stewart, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of stealing £600,000 from his employer in part to fund gender reassignment surgery. Stewart, 35, admitted nine deception charges and asked for 75 other offences to be taken into consideration at Bristol Crown Court in 2002. Stewart was jailed for three years.

Marketing manager Stewart, 35, had used his position to draw cheques up to the value of GBP25,000 from the Bristol-based Somerfield supermarket’s accounts over an extended period of time. The money was used to fund extravagant trips to London to attend fetish parties. The court heard that Stewart had not told his wife he was seeking gender reassignment, and set up phoney accounts so she would not find out.

Some of the money was passed on to a woman, Olwen Brock, who ran a business selling stereotypically female clothing and make-up to transsexuals; she then re-directed the cash through other bank accounts and back to Stewart, the court heard. Brock was sentenced to two years in prison for her part in the deception.

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