Pete Shepherd

Pete Shepherd, a male transvestite, was convicted of six counts of fraud and transferring criminal property at Hull Crown Court in 2009.

Shepherd, 60, received a conditional discharge after a judge ruled that responsibility for his actions was ‘very substantially’ reduced by the side-effects of a drug he was taking to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Shepherd told the court ‘I suffered from delusions of grandeur, exhibitionism, paranoia and hallucinations and became violent and suicidal.’ ‘I developed a transvestite tendency and spent tens of thousands of pounds on ladies’ clothing for myself.’ ‘Sometimes I’d go out in the car at 3am with a case full of ladies clothes, find some remote lay-by or picnic area and spend perhaps a couple of hours dressing up, walking round outside the car, then try on a different outfit.’ 

Shepherd, a former local councillor, ran up debts of hundreds of thousands of pounds at casinos and racecourses, and by using 15 credit cards to buy luxury goods and holidays. He then engineered a scam in 2007 on eBay selling concert tickets that did not exist. Over 11 months 172 people paid a total of £45,718 for tickets they never received.

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