Redditch Transvestite Sex Offender

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

A male transvestite sex offender was being sought by West Mercia Police in December 2010 after exposing his genitals to women who were walking their dogs. He was described as white, in his 20s, and about 5ft 8ins tall, and both victims said the man was wearing a black skirt. One described him as wearing party type clothes, with a fairy type skirt and fishnet tights.

The first incident was in Spring Vale Road in Redditch between 7.20-7.30am when the man exposed himself to woman in her 40s.The second incident was at Pitcheroak Woods at about 8.05am when the man exposed himself to a woman in her 50s.

PC Kirsty Dury of West Mercia Police said: “The victims were both shaken by the incident. The first victim described the man’s manner as intimidating and she picked up her dog and ran off. The other woman said he was aggressive and also ran off.”

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