Tilly Simmonds

Tilly Simmonds / David Wild, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was twice interviewed by the police in May 2015 after allegedly punching Mr Colin Good, the owner of a caravan site in Hayling Island, Hampshire on being asked not to use the female toilets on the site. Simmonds had reportedly been self-identifying as a trans woman since 2013 and stated that treatment to medically transition was due to start “next year.”

Simmonds, 57, and from London, was due to be evicted from the site and the owner reportedly could not comment while legal proceedings were imminent, but in a letter sent to Simmonds and seen by the local newspaper, The News, Mr Good said: ‘Your outburst today was totally unacceptable. ‘You don’t seem to realise that you are staying on a family campsite where people go for their holidays. ‘You keep stating you’ve got rights for this, rights for that. ‘As I have stated earlier, the only rights you’ve got on a family campsite is at the owner’s discretion to keep a happy family atmosphere so people can enjoy their holidays.’ It continued: ‘I’m simply not prepared to put up with such deluded, offensive behaviour on my site.’

No coverage of any court appearances can be located online, indicating  the police did not proceed with charges against Simmonds.

Photo via The News

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