Michael Earnshaw / Michaela James

Michael Earnshaw / Michaela James, a male who identifies as a woman, was convicted of the harassment of ex-wife Suzanne Earnshaw. The sentence is unknown.

In the all-too-familiar autogynephile origin story, Earnshaw/James told a local paper (when entering a transgender beauty pageant) about living “as a man until coming out two years ago following years of secret cross-dressing since the age of 11.”

Post the conviction for harassment, Earnshaw, 45, and ex-wife Suzanne’s new partner, Gareth Parker, were involved in a violent confrontation in the street which appears to have erupted after Mr Parker called Earnshaw ‘Mike’.

Parker accepted pushing Earnshaw/James but said they had been pushing each other and his motive was to stop Earnshaw/James from going back to the house. The court was told Earnshaw/James had a previous conviction for harassing Suzanne Earnshaw.

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Photo via This Is Lancashire

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