Norman McKeown

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

Norman McKeown, a violent male transvestite, was convicted of three counts of common assault at Belfast Magistrates’ Court in August 2018. McKeown was imprisoned for three months and ordered to serve a further four months of a previously suspended sentence imposed in 2017 (also for a violent assault).

McKeown, 54, while being treated in hospital, was reportedly roused from an alcohol-induced stupor by a doctor who feared he would fall and hit his head; he then violently and verbally lashed out at the doctor and two nurses who had to call security.

The court heard that McKeown was previously referred to a counselling service in Scotland in a bid to help him deal with his alcohol and mental health issues but, somewhat inexplicably, was “unable to complete the programme because he is a cross-dresser”. Media report that the course is run by a religious organisation.

See also Andrew Burns and Leyla Fletcher who also assaulted healthcare professionals trying to treat them.

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