Duncan Smart / Jacinta Brooks

Duncan Smart/Jacinta Brooks, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of three counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and three of possessing indecent images at Southampton Crown Court in 2018 and jailed for 11 years.

Brooks, 41, has two prior convictions for offences against children and had been released from prison two years previously, having served almost 13 years in prison for sexual offences against a young girl in 2003.

The most recent conviction for serious sexual offending against children involved Brooks posing as a teenage boy and knowingly targeting a 12-year-old girl online.

Judge Nicholas Rowland branded Brooks a ‘danger to children’ after hearing the child suffered such severe trauma from the abuse she was forced to leave school.

Social media posts referring to Brooks as a woman received hundreds of replies from other users pointing out the logical inconsistency within headlines such as ‘Woman, 41, pretended to be a boy to groom a girl’; namely that a 41 year old posing as a 14 year old was correctly recognised as a lie to facilitate access to vulnerable children, whereas a male sex offender declaring themselves a woman was accepted and printed without question.

Brooks will serve the 11 years sentence in male category B prison HMP Winchester, indicating the prisoner does not have a GRC.

Photo via Hampshire Police

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