Joshua/Lily Bate

Joshua/Lily Bate, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted of raping a woman in August 2015, and was sentenced to seven years in prison. In the terrifying attack – committed while still a teenager – Bate had entered the young woman’s flat and removed her clothing before raping her.

While released on licence, Bate went on to sexually assault a schoolgirl on a bus in May 2020 and was jailed for a further six months while also having to serve the full remainder of the original seven-year sentence for rape.

Having been out of prison on licence only a few days, Bate, 25, was invited to stay at the home of a woman previously known to Bate as a child – she reportedly thought Bate “should be given a chance”. On the first night in the house in January 2022, Bate attempted to groom the woman’s vulnerable 12 year old daughter (who reportedly has mental health issues) into sexual activity. Thankfully, the girl showed her mother the text messages from Bate that suggested she “creep downstairs and snuggle in” under the covers, and asking her “Do you mind if my hands wander and we kiss on the lips. Don’t feel awkward. This is our secret”. She was also told to only come downstairs if her sisters were asleep.

Bate, pleaded guilty via video link from HMP Durham (a category B men’s prison) to inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity, and was sentenced to 40 months in prison at Durham Crown Court on 3 February 2022, with an extended period of 5 years on licence. The judge considered Bate to pose “a significant risk” of serious offending and, therefore, passed the extended sentence “to protect the public”.

Image via The Northern Echo

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