Peter/Jasmine Challands

Peter/Jasmine Challands, a male who identifies as a transgender woman, was first convicted at North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court in 2018 of making and possessing indecent images of children. The 10,000+ images included Category A images, the most serious category, which depict the rape of children.

In March 2022, a routine visit by the police at Challands’ parents’ home to check compliance with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) imposed in 2020 revealed two USB electronic storage devices that Challands had hidden in a lego model in a box. This was the third time Challands, 46, had breached a court order and tried to mislead the police.

When questioned, Challands claimed that the USB devices belonged to “Peter” and that their name was “Jasmine” – ie appearing to blame a ‘former’ male self for the offending, saying, “Peter was responsible for them” and that Peter had “bad” things on the USB devices which reflected sexual fantasies involving children. This bizarre and mendacious defence has previously been employed by UK trans-identified male sex offender Amy Gray and the US serial killer of women Douglas/Donna Perry, who is currently incarcerated in a women’s prison in Washington State. Harvey Marcelin/ Marceline Harvey (a US trans-identified male previously convicted of murdering two women and awaiting trial for the murder of Susan Leyden) also told the New York Post “Harvey’s not a good guy, he’s a tough guy,” “Marceline’s nice and gentle and loving, you know, lots of laughter, fun to be with. She’s the one who’s perfectly normal.”

In 2020, Challands was remanded to HMP Durham (a male Category B prison) between February and September before admitting four sexual offences; failing to comply with Sex Offender Register rules; twice breaching a court order designed to prevent reoffending; and possessing 192 prohibited images of children – these were animated images depicting adults sexual abusing children as young as five. Challands was described in court as wishing to stay in prison, and as “vulnerable” with complex mental health issues, who contacted males via the internet to engage in sexualised behaviour when abusing alcohol. Challands received a three year community order, with 20 days of rehabilitation and a Sex Offenders’ treatment programme and was also given a five year Sexual Harm Prevention Order and put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for the same period.

After admitting the latest breaches of the SHPO in March 2022, magistrates at Carlisle’s Rickergate Magistrates Court remanded Challands into custody at HMP Durham prior to sentencing at Carlisle Crown Court. The police investigation of what was on the USB devices reportedly revealed extreme pornographic images, which portrayed rape in an “explicit and realistic way” and 85 prohibited images of a child. Challands is due in court to enter a plea in May 2022.

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*Update July 2022*

Appearing at Carlisle Crown Court in July 2022, Challands was sentenced for possession of images depicting child sexual abuse and extreme images depicting rape that were found on the concealed memory sticks. As Challands had already served four months on remand at HMP Durham – the equivalent of an eight-month sentence – the prisoner was told they would be released imminently. Challands – appearing via video link – began sobbing and told the judge: “Don’t let me out. I don’t want to come out. Let me stay in prison, please.”

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