Amy Gray

Amy Gray, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted at Hull Crown Court in January 2021 of perverting the course of justice following an elaborate plot to frame an ex-partner for a sex offence.

In fact, Gray, 37, had previously been convicted of three offences of sexual assault in 2005. In a familiar pattern of presenting previous sexual offending (committed prior to transition) as disassociated from the person currently in the dock, the defence submitted mitigation that because Gray “struggled with her identity most of her life” the previous conviction for sex offences was “from a very different time in her life when she was living as a man.” Gray’s barrister also sought to blame gender identity issues for the offending saying it was “born out of confusion with her identity and not an attraction to children or women.”

In 2018, Gray had fraudulently logged into an ex-partner’s Facebook profile to respond to a known decoy page created by a paedophile vigilante group waiting to ambush anyone who contacted the profile. When, of course, no-one turned up to a meeting with the “14 year old girl” decoy, six members of the paedophile hunter group (Predators Exposed) went to the ex-partner’s home address and filmed the confrontation, reportedly calling him a ‘dirty, vile piece of s***’, a ‘jelly bellied b******’ and even ‘Fred West’. His new partner was told not to answer calls from her mother as she was being live streamed on Predator’s Exposed’s Facebook page – she also told the court that she did not leave her home on her own for nine months.

Humberside Police were called and the couple were taken into custody, detained for 12 hours and interviewed, before the IP address of the original message was traced to Gray. The ex-partner was, in fact, tagged (as he is himself already on the Sex Offenders’ Register) and therefore could not have been at Gray’s house when the messages were sent. Following the plot, the man and his new partner had to move away from Hull after they were shouted at in the street and had their house covered in graffiti.

At sentencing the judge told Gray ‘You wanted to make him suffer and cause maximum harm and degradation to his emotional wellbeing, status and reputation. If that caused harm and distress to his girlfriend that was a bonus for you. You exposed them to an ordeal of public humiliation.’

Gray was sentence to five years in prison, despite the defence telling the judge that the offender would “struggle in prison as a transgender woman”.

On (a public website listing court cases and sentences) Gray’s gender is listed as ‘Transgender’, yet all media reported the offence as having been perpetrated by a “woman”. The campaigning group FairPlay For Women has raised this obfuscation with IPSO.

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