Shaun Hawkes / Gabrielle Gabby

Shaun Hawkes/Gabrielle Gabby, a male transvestite, was reportedly arrested in November 2022 by Kent Police following a sting operation by a group of online paedophile hunters named the Justice for Innocence Project (JIP).

The feminist news service Reduxx reports that Hawkes made contact with the (decoy) Facebook profile of a 13 year old girl and sent pornographic content and messages that were described as one of the worst the paedophile hunters had dealt with. Hawkes also attempted to arrange a meeting with the child, stating that he would arrive “dressed as Gabby,” referring to his cross-dressing feminine persona.

Kent Police responded to an enquiry from Reduxx saying that until formal charges were brought they could not confirm or deny whether Hawkes’ had been arrested or was presently being investigated.

Read the full report at Reduxx archive

Images of Shaun Hawkes via Facebook/Reduxx