Scott Mathieson

Scott Mathieson, a violent male transvestite, was convicted at Hamilton Sheriff Court in March 2023 of stalking and threatening or abusive behaviour towards vulnerable, elderly women. Mathieson, 52, avoided jail, instead being placed under supervision for two years as a direct alternative to custody and placed on the sex offenders’ register for the same period after it was ruled there was a ‘significant’ sexual aspect to his actions. He was ordered to pay £1000 to his first victim and £500 to the second.

Between June and September 2022, Mathieson repeatedly targeted a 73-year-old woman who spotted him on doorbell camera footage walking up to her front door late at night and trying the handle. He then returned weeks later and ‘suggestively’ flashed his chest and rubbed one of the prosthetic breasts he was wearing with one hand before shaking the breasts and walking away. He then made a third visit where he was seen on camera peering in his victim’s bedroom window. Police were contacted but he could not be traced. It then transpired that he had earlier targeted a 92-year-old woman by opening his jacket and exposing the artificial breasts. Police then apprehended him some weeks later after spotting him wearing a ‘female body suit, dark wig and glasses.

The court heard that Mathieson first became interested in female clothing at the age of five (a familiar origin story for the male paraphilia, autogynephilia) which progressed and he now attends LGBTQ clubs where he dresses in stereotypically female clothing. In his quest for sexual gratification Mathieson appears to have wilfully ignored the entirely reasonable distress of his vulnerable female victims (and their right to feel safe on the street and in their homes), stating his position as “this is a private matter and an expression of himself.” In short, terrified, non-consenting women used as mere props in his fetish scenario.

Canadian teacher Kayla Lemieux

See this tag for further examples of violent transvestite male sex offenders who cross dress to access vulnerable female victims – particularly, Joel Hardman, who wore a terrifying rubber ‘female’ mask to access women’s toilets and photograph and record them urinating for his sexual gratification. See also the trans-identified male teacher in Canada who was permitted to wear giant prosthetic breasts with protruding nipples to school. ‘Kayla’ Lemieux was only suspended after it was revealed he doesn’t wear the fake breasts outside of school. This tag collates other trans-identified males who have worn prosthetic breasts during their violent and/or sexual offending.

Image credit: Pressteam via Daily Record

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