Burgess Hill Sex Offenders

Sussex Police are investigating a report that two suspects attacked a 15 year old boy, knocking him unconscious before sexually assaulting him and leaving him naked on the ground with head injuries and wounds to his body.

The 15-year-old reported walking along Cants Lane in Burgess Hill shortly before 6.15pm on Sunday 4 June, then heading through a wooded area towards the World’s End area.

Police and media reports described the suspects as “two women aged around 18 to 20 years old.”

One suspect had bright red (believed to be coloured) hair, around 6’ 3” tall and wearing glasses, and was wearing blue shorts and a black crop top, with pink Air Jordan trainers. The second had very long white blonde hair and was around 5’ 9” tall, with a Merseyside accent. No further identifying information, such as the sex or race of the suspects, was provided.

The chances that the suspects are female are infinitesimally small – firstly, women perpetrating opportunistic sex attacks on male strangers in the street in broad daylight is unheard of, and secondly, the fact that one of the the offenders is 6’ 3” tall and the other 5’ 9”, makes it very much more likely that offenders of such description are male.

See John “Sally Anne” Dixon – a violent, trans-identified male paedophile whom Sussex Police described as a “woman” in 2022 and then proceeded to call actual women who objected ‘hateful’, before eventually being reigned in by the Home Secretary. See also another trans-identified male sex offender, Craig Hauxwell, whom police described as a “woman dressed as a man” when appealing for information. In October 2022, the British Transport Police were criticised for apparently being more worried about “misgendering” a trans-identified male sex offender who masturbated at girls than actually catching him when they failed to disclose his sex or provide a proper description.

Anyone who recognises the descriptions of the Burgess Hill offenders, saw anything suspicious or has any relevant video footage is asked to contact police online or via 101, quoting serial 044 of 20/06.

Media reports

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