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Craig/Lisa Hauxwell, (aka Lisa Lacey and Lisa Hauxley) a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted in 2016 of two rapes and seven indecent assaults committed in County Durham in 2001 and 2002, while living as a man.

Hauxwell, 48, had been charged in 2015 under the name Craig John Hauxwell and was sentenced to 14 years in prison in November 2016. Hauxwell’s victims were two “teenage girls” according to the BBC, and therefore, likely, were children. The police inspector in charge of the team investigating Hauxwell described them as “truly horrendous crimes.”

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As Hauxwell went on the run and did not attend court for sentencing, the case became the first to feature on BBC Crimewatch as both a man and woman as perpetrator. In an effort to presumably avoid misgendering Hauxwell (a convicted rapist, which, in the UK is a crime perpetrated only by people in possession of a penis), The Derby Telegraph‘s headline read ‘Have you seen missing woman spotted in Derbyshire dressed as a man?’ Likewise, the Derbyshire Times headline stated ‘MISSING: Woman dressed as man seen in Dronfield’ and goes on to say ‘Lisa, from Leeds, has been known to use a male identity under the name Craig John Hauxwell and the footage appears to show her dressed as man.’

Similar obfuscation was evident in this policeman’s tweet when Hauxwell was on the run. Police, though, in publicity for the Crimewatch Most Wanted appeal stated that Hauxwell ‘may still be living as a man’ and referred to Hauxwell as ‘using the identity of “Lisa”‘ to evade arrest.

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Despite Hauxwell perpetrating, being charged and convicted as a man – Craig Hauxwell – The Daily Telegraph published an article perversely entitled ‘The truth about female sex offenders’ using Hauxwell as an example. 

See also Rachel Johnson’s article on how both Hauxwell’s conviction and Katie Brannen‘s (alleged) sexual offences were reported in the media as being committed by women.

Also see Thomas Feeney, another violent male trans sex offender who featured on Crimewatch.

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